I will create a custom guided meditation for $5

1 Revision Included / 7 Days On Average
create a custom guided meditation
create a custom guided meditation

About This Gig

I am a certified EFT & NLP master practitioner, hypnotist, health & wellness coach and meditation developer. I have been helping people overcome challenges and create better lives through guided meditations and alternative techniques for years.

(have a meditation that you would like me to record, or want me to write your script...? please contact me)

Simply tell me what your challenge is i.e. weight loss, fear, stress, coping with an unpleasant situation, getting over a trauma, wanting to quit smoking, achieving abundance, healing ... and I will create a guided meditation, including musical tones and frequencies individually customised for your situation as extras.
I always like to give you the best product for your individual need, hence I am able to offer extras as different instrumental tracks, binaural beats, mind exercises and so on....

Samples are on my Youtube Chanel 'Nina Beste Meditations'.

These are meant for personal use only. If you are looking for several meditations or a project, please do contact me in advance.

The guided meditation is 5min in length, with an extra option to play the instrumentals up to 30min.

For longer ones etc. please get the extras or contact me.

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