I will sell an account with 3000 subscribers 18000 emails per month

sell an account with 3000 subscribers 18000 emails per month

About This Gig

Only on Fiverr you have discounted prices for my services. Everyone this day needs to make his offer visible to target area. So you will need a newsletter application that can send you newsletters.  And an application that is 24/7 online. Why? Because you need feedback from your potential customers, like joining to the newsletter. 

So i came to your help by giving you discounted prices from my cloud platform that you may use as you like. 

For $5 per month i give you up to 3000 subscribers and 18.000 emails per month that you can spend it the way you like. If you buy from my website it will cost you double. So, i have, let's say so, the best price on the planet.

Similar services will cost you three times more. At this point and this price this offer is only available on fiverr.com.

Important Note The account you will receive does not contain any email address or newsletter. It will be new. I sale only the service.

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1 day delivery

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Newsletter Online Service Application that contains : up to 3000 subscribers and 18000 emails per mo

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