I will setup professional Pinterest profile Search Optimized

setup professional Pinterest profile Search Optimized

About This Gig

What is Pinterest?

Social Media is a fast-moving area! since late last year, a new competitor has entered the fray in the form of 'P!nterest'. It enables a new form of link sharing, so whether you want to show off your latest purchase or help friends find the best products and services, Pinterest can really come in handy.

Why Pinterest for your Business?

it’s clear that having a product line shared on multiple pin boards can be a great traffic generator – so making it clear on a website that ‘pinning’ products is a good idea may be a solid first step.

What's my deal for you?

·         First of all I will optimize your  profile to be search friendly for the search engines to rank higher

·         Initially, I will create optimized 05 boards each with 05 pins. Upon your request I can alter the number of Pins and boards

·         When you have 10 optimized boards,,, hmmm that's all you need.... So don't forget to check out my extra gigs for additional boards extension