I will awaken your kundalini energy

awaken your kundalini energy
awaken your kundalini energy
awaken your kundalini energy

About This Gig

Kundalini Energy (Serpent Power Of Awakening) :
The stage of highest sense is known as kundalini. Our DNA strands look like two serpents entwined thus it is also called serpent power of awakening.
Everybody has this but they access it only sometimes, in the times of dire need or intense pressure. You must have seen that sometimes in dire situations you show phenomenal sense of energy that is just a sample of the power the kundalini has. People use it and get diverted and suppress it.
Benefits Of Awakening Kundalini :
Kundalini helps natural healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels via heightened awareness that consciously connects with a higher nature of Self or divinity .That in turn strengthens the body-mind connection at the physical level, the emotional at the psyche level and the spiritual beyond the infinite level of fearlessness reinforced by the pure consciousness.
What Is this Gig :
In this gig we are just awakening your kundalini for heightened awareness and energy via spell casting. Kundalini is a major YOGA stream, if you want to achieve sidhis or Power of Yogi you will have to do major yoga exercises and follow routine to achieve it.