I will cast a extremely powerful Mithraic Spell to get anything

cast a extremely powerful Mithraic Spell to get anything
cast a extremely powerful Mithraic Spell to get anything

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  I will do the spell cast for good luck that will change your career and provide you the boost. GIves you a positive aura that magnifies your good luck, energy boost and confidence to be leader. Want a lover back, career boost, confidence, facing a problem that can't be solved. Get In touch.
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About This Gig

What does the spell do?

The spell will be casted on you. This spell magnifies your positive aura, and as you know positive thinking yields results. This energy helps you achieve nearly anything as long as it is beneficial for you and doesn't harm anyone. So this spell can help you solve a problem, financial difficulties, love matters, streak of bad luck in other words anything for you is achievable.

What is Mithraic Method?

Mithraic method of spell casting generated from Mithra-ism (Religion Before Christ). A few years back I tried studying Mayans, Egyptians & Gypsies to increase my knowledge beyond the traditional Indian and Middle East, Mid Asia casting methods. Now I feel comfortable to the level that I can cast the spells using Mithraic rituals remotely and thus want to introduce the spell to my buyers online.

Is the method safe and worth a try?

The spell is extremely safe and you don't need to worry about side effects. I have served over 3000+ clients online comprising different platforms and 200+ only on fiverr with 99% satisfied customers. 90% of the people have seen the results of my spells and you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Get in touch if any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the spell requirements?
    Requirements aren't impossible to meet. Just your complete name and a recent photograph.
  • What kind of magic will be used?
    The casting will use white magic. Its a energy wavelength that high priests of Mithraism used.
  • Any side effects?
    No side effects described by anyone to date. Its white magic and it just boosts your positive energy and thoughts so you aren't taking something from anyone. So no side effects and extremely safe.
  • Do you offer an guarantee?
    The spell needs some supplies that aren't cheap. I offer 70% refund if you aren't satisfied. If you are not happy with the terms or are a non believer get in touch and you can try mine some other basic cast at a 100% guarantee.
  • How long does it take to show effects?
    Its boost magic. It won't make you rich overnight or show effects in 2-3 days. The magic won't make you a billionaire if you just want to buy lotteries. The manifestation varies from person to person ranging from 20-60 days.
  • How is it different from other spells listed?
    Spells originate from different civilizations and countries. Each spell has it unique ingredients elements and method. Some people may be immune to some methods while others may work for you. Its just like a exercise regime where everyone needs something different.