I will give you advice on long distance relationship issues

give you advice on long distance relationship issues

About This Gig

Are you struggling with your long distance relationship (LDR) and need support of people who truly understand you?

Do you have a burning LDR question?

Do you need to solve a LDR dilemma?

I am thrilled to give you support, inspiration and advice on anything and everything regarding coping with being single, dating, relationships, shaking off the expectations your family has for you, and more, to the best of my knowledge.

Let's face it – long distance relationships are HARD, and sometimes we need help to get through rough times. Whether you already are in a LDR, or you just date online you are welcomed to ask me whatever you want regarding your issue.

I will offer you my insights about the situation, and give you my suggestions that might help you solve your problem.

Rest assured I will support and cheer you on your path to a happy long distance relationship! <3 <3 <3

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LDR Advice

The gig includes offering my advice on your LDR issue via email.

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