I will ghostwrite 1500 words on any story you want

ghostwrite 1500 words on any story you want
ghostwrite 1500 words on any story you want

About This Gig

I am an experienced freelance writer and pride myself on providing a professional and thorough service from start to finish. anyone who wants to publish fiction or produce a roleplay knows how hard it can be to write sometimes. It can be difficult finding time, or you might have a great idea but just can't translate it into writing. Do not worry! If this is you then that is where I come in. I can ease the pains of writing by ghost writing up to 1500 words for you. I have experience working with a published fantasy author for over eight years and have been involved with roleplay writing for as long as I can remember.

Don't get dragged down by writers block or time constraints. I know how incredibly difficult it can be sometimes, so why not let me do the hard work and ghost write for you?

Please note: I offer a lead time of two days as I do need to actually read your work/ideas first and adjust myself to a style which mimics your own. It always helps if you can provide ideas, a plot, synopsis, or existing work you have produced (if applicable) before buying so I can make sure I will be able to write in a suitable style

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ghost writing

i will ghostwrite unique content for you on any story

  • Up to 1500 Words
7 days delivery