I will prepare and file your individual tax return

prepare and file your individual tax return
prepare and file your individual tax return

About This Gig

We will prepare and efile your individual Form 1040 income tax return plus one state tax return. Our base fee of $185 (which is a 7.5% discount from our regular fee) includes most forms, electronic filing, and online secure document portal to exchange sensitive information. We are an IRS-authorized and state licensed US-based English speaking CPA firm based in Washington DC. Schedule C and E require gig extras. Business (except sole proprietorship or sole-owner LLC), estate, trust returns, Form 1116, and FinCEN 114 returns are not included, but can be priced separately upon further inquiry.

Official turnaround is 14 days, but can be less if your paperwork is in order.

Order Details

Form 1040 and One State Return

Prepare and file (e-file if possible) Form 1040 individual tax return and one state return.

14 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a PTIN?
    Yes, our staff that prepare returns each have a PTIN as required by the IRS.
  • Are you licensed to perform accounting in the US?
    Yes, we are licensed by the State of Maryland as a CPA firm. Individual staff will also be licensed by the states of Virginia or Maryland, the District of Columbia, and/or the IRS. We have reciprocity in every US state and territory.
  • Can you file returns for US citizens who are overseas?
    Yes, we regularly file US returns for US expatriates and overseas residents and heavy travelers.