I will give you a professional voice over for $5

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give you a professional voice over
give you a professional voice over
give you a professional voice over
give you a professional voice over
give you a professional voice over
give you a professional voice over

About This Gig

                                        PLEASE READ

When ordering express service please order in the same quantity as the gig itself.

I am a 16 year radio veteran. I can give you a professional voice over for $5. I  also offer production services, and 24 hour delivery (see gig extras) on MOST occasions. Commercials, phone system recordings, whatever you need. Some points to help explain what I offer:
  •  1 script up to 100 words.  If your script is longer, please order accordingly. 
  • Timing to a video costs extra.  If you have questions contact me. 
  • One file will be delivered per $5. 
  • If the script word count is higher than the number of gigs needed to cover the voice over I will ONLY VOICE the amount of words covered by your order. DON'T ORDER EXTRAS TO COVER WORD COUNT. USE THE ORDER MORE THAN 1 BUTTON PLEASE.
  • Make sure your script is correct.  If you don't order the proofreading extra I will voice your script AS IS.  
  • If you are ordering more than one unit of the gig order the extras in the same multiple please.
  • Delivery in mp3

NO VULGAR CONTENT (I will cancel the order if it is in poor taste)

Thank you for taking time to visit my gig.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide different accents and character voices?
    The accent you hear in my sample is the one I offer. I do voice characters from time to time. If you have a specific character you would like me to voice contact me prior to ordering.
  • I am working with another client, can I sell your voice services to complete the project?
    Yes you can. But remember that YOU are my client. If my work has been done to your satisfaction and your client opts to go in a different direction, I will not refund your order.
  • Will you discount your service to me?
    Generally there are no discounts given for my voice services as I feel my rates are already very reasonable. If your project is quite long, I may be able to offer some of my extras at a discounted rate (ex. adding music). You must contact me prior to ordering to see if this is an option.
  • If I order music on my voice over will you also send me the music track in a separate file?
    I subscribe to a service that allows me to use music and sound effects in my work. It does not give me the right to provide the music only files to clients, therefore I can't give you the stand alone music file.
  • Will you provide me with a custom sample so I can hear your voice on my script before I order?
    On occasion I do offer custom samples but only on large orders (usually over $50). If I do this I will watermark the file with an audio tone or send you a low quality audio file in order to protect my work. Contact me if this is something you require.
  • What qualifies you to offer "professional" services
    I have worked in broadcasting for well over 16 years. I have recorded hundreds of commercials for television and thousands for radio. I have also recorded phone greetings, audio books, tutorials etc. I work in a sound treated studio, with professional broadcast equipment and software.
  • English is not my first language. Can you help me with my script?
    I can. For a fee. Contact me with the specific details of your project.