I will teach you how to get MONEY for any purpose

teach you how to get MONEY for any purpose

About This Gig

In this gig you will get a 134 page guide that will show you how to get money for any purpose in a 4 step method. 

Step 1: Understanding the Credit Reporting System
Step 2: Setting up a new Business on Paper
Step 3: Working with Partners
Step 4: Acquiring Many Unsecured New Business Lines of Credit

-Each step is covered in detail and includes excercises so you will be able implement the system successfully.

This ebook covers topics like:
-How to dispute Errors on your credit report
-How to take advantage of the most profitable loopholes in the credit reporting system
-How to keep personal & business financies separate
-How to setup a new Business
-What are the different types of businesses entities
-How to use a new business to get cash- no questions asked
-How to find and screen & pitch to potential partners
-How to aquire unsecured new business lines of credit
-How to form relationships with lenders
-How to build a portfolio of lenders

This Ebook contains specific resources like...

-A List of national lenders who offer up to $200,000 in unsecured new business lines of credit.

-Instructions on how to fill out applications to get instant approvals

And so much more...

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