I will send you requested origami

send you requested origami
send you requested origami
send you requested origami

About This Gig

I can send pieces of requested origami. I can already make:

         Rose (Toshikazu Kawasaki)

         Owl (origami-instructions)


         Butterfly (Michael LaFosse)

         Lizard (Justin Nachsin)

         Dancers (from "Origami to Astonish and Amuse")

         Hummingbird (Christopher Randall)

         Tiny stars (special deal: 1 gig=50 stars)

         Marijuana leaf (Fernando Gilgado)

         Origami house made of two $1 bills

         Rabbit (Jun Maekawa)

         Flower (Carmen Sprung)

Please message me first if you want to order something made of money so we can work out the reimbursement details.

Message me a link or video of what you'd like (if it's not on this list) and I'll evaluate if I can make it and ship it to you! I can only make things that have a pattern already online.

I have white, pink, red, light blue, and newspaper that I can make the pieces out of free of charge!

For larger projects, I can do a maximum of 300 origami pieces which will start at $375+shipping+materials for an easier pattern, and the price will be determined with the increasing difficulty of the pattern. Please message me first before ordering so I can send you a custom offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Could you create an origami logo for my company?
    Unfortunately no, however that does sound really cool! I can only make patterns that have been done before that are available online or in a book.