I will do any QA game testing

do any QA game testing

About This Gig

The basic average nerd, with to much time on hands and knowledge of IT. Being honest and looking for basic work that needs to get done. Entry level. Looking to dip toes into this and provide happiness, doing something and being occupied with my time productively.

I can do,

- Internet Research
- Video Game Q/A Testing 
- Software Q/A Testing
- Anything that requires data entry, or tedious task involved online

To sum up. I am a nerd at heart, who loves and builds games in my spare time as a indie. Have done professional Q/A for AAA Company on PC. Beta and Alpha's via Sign Up and Direct Invite / Recommend for various titles. I enjoy knowing how thinks work and tick, and improve/mod my own way. Game dev scratches that itch. Q/A was the step in the door. Building on top that with indie in UE4. Python & Ruby as side projects/hobby. Doing this to stay busy during off times, extra cash and overall just be productive and feel good doing something. Even simple, and easy as $5 worth. 

Order Details

1 day delivery

Basic Entry Level Starter

Basic package, Test my capabilities with this package. Basic, Standard package.

  • 5 Questions Answered
  • 15 Minutes Live Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • So, Can you test and report bugs on Games & Software with Mantis?
    Yes. Not just "hey, bug here..". Steps to reproduce. Screens & Videos of how. In a list format or via tracking service as Mantis.
  • What mean by Research?
    Have something that needs Google'd but low on time? Need some data found and put in a doc for later? Nothing absurd like finding a person, etc. Think data entry in a way, but being researched first.