I will give you retail inventory system

give you retail inventory system

About This Gig

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software  for General stores, shops, hotels anykind of business you can run computerized.


  • User logins and rights.

  • Unlimited license period and no annual renewal charges.

  • With currencies and taxes adaptable system of any country.

  • Company logo General company information to be modifiable With the user and.

  • Option of opening different companies on the same computer.

  • Back-up and data safety system.

  • Export to Excel, PDF, Text & HTML.

  • 3 levels of chart of inventory.

  • Manages inventory different location: such as warehouses or shops.

  • Purchase requisitions.

  • Purchase orders.

  • Inwards gate passes.

  • Purchases.

  • Out orders.

  • Delivery challans.

  • Gate passes outwards.

  • Sales tax invoices.

  • Non-sales tax invoices.

  • Barcode scanning and printing.

  • Product serials, tracking & warranty claims.

  • Discount columns in invoices, or on percent-wise amount.

  • Production and assembly.

  • Inventory issue notes.

  • Inventory Adjustments.

  • Inventory location transfers.

  • Different formats of sale invoices.

  • Inventory re-order levels.

  • Purchase orders tracking.

  • Tracking orders out.

  • Purchase report.

  • Out report.

  • Inventory purchase analysis.

  • Inventory analysis goes.

  • Inventory ledgers.

  • Inventory balances. See my other gigs