I will write SQL queries using Postgres

write SQL queries using Postgres

About This Gig

I'll write all the SQL queries you need.

Do you have some problems with your application queries?

Do you need some help with those important reports?

I'll be more than happier if you let me give you some help with that!

I've worked with Postgres for over three years, doing stuff with SQL like: 

  • Writing queries, from basic SELECTs to more interesting reports using aggregates, windows functions and other cool PostgreSQL features.

  • Writing PLPgSQL functions and triggers to handle bussiness logic inside database. 

  • Doing benchmarks to track queries performance and work over problematic ones. 

  • Improving query performance using database physical design techniques like using Index, physical partitions and modifying configuration files.

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SQL queries

I can write all the queries you need.

  • Schedule Queries
  • Optimize Queries
  • 5 Query Included
  • Include Source Code
  • Debug Queries
  • Analyze Queries