I will in 24 hrs or less complete your voice over

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in 24 hrs or less complete your voice over
in 24 hrs or less complete your voice over

About This Gig

See what begging will do!  You asked for it, and I am delivering.  You have asked for a 24 hour turnaround in my gigs.  O.K.  Here is the deal  I will read a script of 50 words or less for one fiverr.  If it is a longer script I will read it.  Maximum of 3 fiverrs! (50 words per fiverr.

I have a real job and four kids that need my daily attention.  That is why there is a limit of 3 gigs per request.  If you need something longer, please visit my other gigs. 

YOU MUST INCLUDE A SCRIPT WITH YOUR REQUEST.  If I do not get a script within a few minutes of ordering, I will need to cancel.  Again, we are trying for quick, quick, quick turnaround times.  You must be ready with the the script.

If you attempt to order four or more gigs, I will request a cancellation of the order.  This is JUST for quick 24 hour 3 gigs or less.

I do thank you for your understanding.

Samples?  Sure!  Ask for some!

Questions?  Fire away, otherwise, press the button!