I will voice your new characters

voice your new characters
voice your new characters
Chris is an amazing voice talent. He did an awesome job in voicing a character for our game - and did it lightning fast. Great communication, polite, caring. 5/5 all the way. Hope to work together again in the future!
Reviewed by folaks 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by radinanedeleva 11 months ago
Perfect, great, awesome... Thank you again!
Reviewed by radinanedeleva 12 months ago
I have requested a samurai/ninja voice over with the disbelieve that it is even possible to perform, buy I was so happy receiving the voice over! Thank you Chris Murphy for the great work!
Reviewed by radinanedeleva about 1 year ago
I asked for a character voice, and while I have never heard a lobster talk, now I know what they sound like. Amazing job, and fast.
Reviewed by acstl2000 about 1 year ago
I got exactly what I wanted!
Reviewed by falldoubt over 1 year ago
This is some quality voice acting. Its better than we wanted. Love it! Want to use this service again :D Amazing !
Reviewed by klarax over 1 year ago
voice your new characters
voice your new characters

About This Gig

You need voices.  I have voices.  Hundreds of them...swimming in my head.  Give me an image, give me direction, give me a thought and I will create a voice.  The video features a few of the voices I can do for you.  Either pick one of those or tell me about your need. Is there an animal you need voiced?  I can do it. An alien, a dog a rock?  Got ya covered.  75 words or less per fiverr.  Please provide audio pronunciations of anything that I might need help with.  If it over 75 words, add an extra fiverr for each group of 75.  Anything past 5 gigs might take longer than 2 days.  Maybe not. :-)  Questions?  Standing by!