I will send Quit Smoking pack inc Downloads and ebook

send Quit Smoking pack inc Downloads and ebook

About This Gig

I will send Quit Smoking pack inc Quit Smoking Downloads and ebook

  • If you’re holding onto habits you’d prefer to let go of, take a look at today’s deal!
  • Try a different approach to working towards breaking habits with hypnosis
  • Do the programmes from the comfort of home by listening to the audio hypnosis tracks and also reading through the handy e-booklets
  • Habitbreakers use traditional hypnotherapy combined with Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) to create their hypnosis download tracks
  • John from Habitbreakers is a member of the Clinical Association Therapeutic Hypnosis Association and was a lead hypnotherapist for 15 years in the UK. He moved to Auckland in 2009 and opened Habitbreakers
  • As a former solo long distance walker, he is well experienced in understanding goals, future planning, visualisation and excellence