I will give you a custom Golden Star tarot reading

give you a custom Golden Star tarot reading

About This Gig

Have a question about your life situation? Not sure of what to do next, or if what you are currently doing is the right thing? I understand, and I want to help.

Let me ask the universe to communicate your situation to you through my deck. 

My favorite card layout is the Golden Star. This consists of a middle card: The "significator" of the situation, the heart of the matter, then 5 more cards:

Card 1 is the present

Card 2 is known desires

Card 3 is hidden factors

Card 4 is possible obstacles and attitudes

Card 5 is the outcome

I prefer this method because I feel it offers the person a broader understanding of their self and their situation; because I believe that often times we do not realize exactly what it is in our lives that needs our attention the most. 

With your $5 reading you will receive a photo of your spread and a written document explaining each card. 

I can also do a simple three card reading to give you a broad idea of your past, present and future for free :) Just request it in your message!

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