I will record a Professional Female Voice Over In British Accent

Great experience... will definitely buy again
Reviewed by jessycah about 2 months ago
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Awesome experience!
Reviewed by iwriterz 5 months ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ianimation 5 months ago
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Quickest and very Professional service.
Reviewed by animation360 6 months ago
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Brilliant Gig. Highly Recommended.
Reviewed by jimmysmyth 7 months ago
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Thank you for your timely and professional voice over. Absolutely awesome
Reviewed by wealthvisionma 9 months ago
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I will use again!! Great job, I got exactly what I wanted!!!
Reviewed by davidfontana 10 months ago
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Excellent work! I will definitely work with you again. Thanks alot
Reviewed by gracebest 12 months ago
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Good all round experience
Reviewed by misskittywdm over 1 year ago
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thanks! It looks & sounds great - will be using you again for sure :)
Reviewed by healthimage over 4 years ago
record a Professional Female Voice Over In British Accent
record a Professional Female Voice Over In British Accent

About This Gig

I will record a professional female voice over up to 3 minutes in a British accent.

This can include narration, a script, or anything that can be spoken really.

I've done several commercials, audiobooks, GPS Directions, instructional audio, and much more!

I've also recorded, hosted, & edited several podcasts in the past & can help you out with those needs!

This gig is NOT for voice-mail recordings or phone system prompts. I have a separate gig for that which you can access by clicking on my name.

No adult content or the four letter curse words will be accepted.

Check out my gig extras to make your recording stand out even more or to get a faster turn around!