I will give you advice on dealing with adult bullies

give you advice on dealing with adult bullies

About This Gig


Here you are, treating fellow employees with respect and courtesy, only for someone to actively prey on your insecurities and setbacks every chance they get as if it's listed in their job description. Your work suffers. YOU suffer.

Or maybe you're far too familiar with bullying because you grew up with it in your home. An abrasive sibling here, an aggressive uncle there; they swear that you're overreacting or need to toughen up, blaming you for being their victim, sidestepping all accountability.

Perhaps it's someone even closer to you, like a lover or best friend. We make excuse after excuse for how they couldn't possibly have meant that or that they can't really be that cruel. Even casual friends can end up sinking their nefarious claws into you, switching from confidant to accuser in a blink of an eye, all with a smile.

Enough. Allow me to give you the tools to stop them dead in their tracks. Let me teach you how to deal with bullies, appropriately and significantly. You don't have to kill them OR keep dealing with their crap. I will help you take back your joy.

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Bully For You

500+ word advice for dealing with a bully in your life

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you blame me for the bullying I receive?
    Absolutely not. I will respond with empathy and a clear understanding of how bullying works.
  • What if I feel I cannot do as you have advised?
    Every order comes with a revision if necessary. If you feel overwhelmed by my advice in practice, I can easily accommodate your specific personality.
  • Will you give advice that will be harmful or intimidating?
    Attacking bullies never work. Besides, some of these people we actually have genuine affection for. The advice will stay classy and focus on building your confidence, which can't be done until you understand the beast you're dealing with.