I will produce a song for you

produce a song for you
produce a song for you
produce a song for you
produce a song for you
produce a song for you
produce a song for you

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Description Yellow Blue Green
  standard Song cancion estandard a custom song Cancion personalizada A more complex song (musical arrangements included) Cancion mas compleja
Separate Files
Seller will include all instrumental elements as separate files (in addition to mixed track).
HQ File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
# of Instruments
The max number of instruments or recording tracks used in a composition. More tracks means a bigger, richer, multi-layered sound.
4 6 8
Recording Length (in seconds)
The maximum recording length (in seconds) included in the package (additional time may be available for purchase in Extras).
240 240 240
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 2 3
Delivery Time
  Select $20 Select $50 Select $80

About This Gig

Hello, my name is Lewis Edwards, I offer you the production service for pop/rock songs.
The differences of these three packages are:
The number of instruments to choose from in the composition, the yellow package being the package with a fewest instruments(4), followed by blue(6) and green(8).
The green package being the most complex has musical arrangements, this doesnt include any of the previous packages, this package is one of the most exclusive.
There are certain things that have to be notice before requesting any material:
- No track of voices or lyrics will be adapted to compositions of any package, because this counts as editing work that has an extra cost. If the customer wants a Professional Sound for their personal projects, it will require the "Mix" service and the extra service of "super Midi".
-The Commercial Rights of All Songs will not be assigned to the Buyer or to Fiverr unless requesting the "Commercial Rights" Service, in which case the customer will be granted a Commercial license for the song, valid for three (3) Months.
-It is important to maintain communication between buyer and customer, because this depends for the success of the project.