I will fix and develop your ruby on rails website

fix and develop your ruby on rails website

About This Gig

I am a web developer with more than 1 years of experience in building high performance and complicated web applications.

Read more Contact Me I will fix your Ruby on Rails application with 2 Revisions Included .By ordering ths Gig you Get help to solve your bug, to add new feature, implement new design feature or kickstart a new Ruby on Rails applications with best practiced structure and settings. I am a mean Stack developer with more than 5 years of experience on building web applications. My skills:- Ruby, Ruby on Rails JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax CSS, Bootstrap 3, Haml

Foundation MySQL, PostgreSQL Git

PS: This gig is for 1 simple task that might take 1 hour to complete. For complicated task, please contact me before placing the order.

Note: Contact me to understand your requirements and specifications BEFORE making an order