I will make an all inclusive responsive beautiful website

make an all inclusive responsive beautiful website
make an all inclusive responsive beautiful website
make an all inclusive responsive beautiful website

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Description Base Price Premium Pro
  3 Sections Responsive 1 Call-to-Action Button 3 Sections Animated elements 1 Call-to-Action Button Responsive E-mail Sign-ups (mailchimp) 5 Animated Sections 1 CTA Button Responsive E-mail Sign-ups (mailchimp)
Responsive Design
Seller will create a responsive design to support all devices
Design Customization
Seller will customize the color scheme and layout of your website.
Number of Pages
Seller will add the amount of pages indicated to your website
1 1 1
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 1 1
Delivery Time 5 days 5 days 10 days

About This Gig

The Perfect Website For the Start-up

  • Need a nice cheap website just to get your business a digital presence?
  • Need to build an e-mail list so you can send newsletters to sell more on Etsy?

This gig is perfect you because:

A website is a huge investment. A nice snazzy custom web design is at, cheapest, $700. Although DIY services offer it at average $300 per year, you still have to learn how to do it and make something look nice. When you should be spending more time selling & developing your business instead!

This gig allows you to get a starter website quickly and hassle free so you can just get yourself out there in the digital world and focus on building your business.

Awesome Gig Features:

  • No Hosting Needed
  • No Domain Name Purchase Needed
  • Professional Responsive Designs

Quick and Easy - Gig is done in a few steps:
  1. Message us
  2. Purchase
  3. Fill out requirements
  4. Approve mock-up (revisions are not allowed after approval)
  5. Wait til it's done
  6. Pick a launch date!
  7. LAUNCH!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this still custom design or a template?
    It's a little of both. I customize by designing beautiful images to use on your website but, overall, it has the same blueprint. So you can remain unique and cool while i can charge lower because i can do it quicker.
  • No Hosting saves $$$! How is this possible?
    Hosting is where your website lives on the net. Let's just say I have an apartment complex where your website can live until you are ready to get your own hosting server. That's how this is possible. By default your web address will be: welcometoour.site/yournamehere
  • Can i still have a custom domain name if I already purchased it?
    Sure! For a gig extra, I can set up a redirect so that whenever someone types your custom domain, it still goes to your page at welcometoour.site.
  • Can i see a sample website?
    Here's a sample for the Base price: welcometoour.site/sample-premium