I will do telemarketing a week

do telemarketing a week
do telemarketing a week
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Description Startup Approach Optimizing Connection Resource Structure
  : 50-70 calls. : 20-25 emails : 100 outbound emails. : 80-100 leads : 200-300 callls. : 5- 10 appointments. : 70-100 emails. : 150-200 leads. : 500-700 calls. : 20-25 appointments. : 500-1000 outbound emails. : 150-200 emails.
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About This Gig

I will be telemarketing your product on a month basis. So you should really know what it includes:
Here below is an estimation that will catch up depending on the package you choose.

  • 400 - 600 outbound calls.
  • Able to collect 150 - 200 emails for your market aggression.
  • 8 -10 solid appointments. (could be more depending on the package)
  • Daily updates on working and customizing with Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel or Podio.. you name it.
  • Able to work on surveys that will do the R&D as well as determine your position in the required industry at the same time.
  • Fully owned sky p_e subscription that will reduce your cost efficiently with ongoing projects.
  • Will generate leads on a (40 - 60)% ratio that will give a bolster effect for your product on the market.
  • Able to send hundreds of pricing quotes or flyers of your product by calling them, earning their consent and sending those to their emails respectively.
  • Able to sort out the actual prospects from Craigslist,zillow,trulia and many more, follow them up by calling and introducing them to our products or offers precisely.
I would also recommend on various appraoches following your marketing goals and settlements respectively.