I will write an ORIGINAL tagline for your business

write an ORIGINAL tagline for your business

About This Gig

Boring is old-fashioned.
Mundane wastes space.
Lackluster never sold anything.

In my five years working as a copywriter in a global advertising agency, I've developed a few pet peeves. The biggest? Seeing taglines that aren't original. 

The beauty of a tagline is that it's YOURS. Something that your business - and only your business - can say.

If you choose me, you won't see lines like "taste the difference" or "our passion is you." Yes, those may be truthful lines, but they're not powerful. You want powerful. You want a soul for your brand.

I follow a simple rule when writing a tagline:

"Say it square. Then say it with flair."

A good tagline communicates to the consumers what problem your business will help them solve. A strong tagline does it with individuality. People remember strong taglines.

You'll receive five taglines (and rationale for each) for $5.

Let's get to work.