I will send powerful Reiki Angel Healing

send powerful Reiki Angel Healing
send powerful Reiki Angel Healing
send powerful Reiki Angel Healing

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Description Illumination Spark of Life The Midas Touch
  Prayer-1Day Reiki Angel Healing for 1 Issue- Prayer- 3 days of Reiki Angel Healing for 1 Issue Prayer- 7 Days of Reiki Angel Healing for 1 issue
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About This Gig

Prayer and Healing Energy package ( Special Introductory Prices)
Reiki is a beautiful Gift from God
that allows us to live life the way God intended,in perfect Health  and Well being. Reiki is fast gaining popularity and is even being used in some hospital settings.
         I've dedicated my life to helping others by connecting to Heaven with Angels to assist with spiritual issues. Healing* includes praying to Heaven for guidance with your issue and asking that the healing that is sent to you, from a distance, be for your Highest  Good and  for the Good for All involved.
 The 4 main Archangels that I work with are
  •  Michael (protection, strength and guidance)
  •  Raphael(mental and physical healing; spirit and entity  release, space clearing with Michael,protection for travelers)
  •  Uriel ( wisdom, problem-solving) and 
  •  Gabrielle( communication, conception, guidance for those in the arts field)    

*Please be advised that I am not a medical doctor nor prescribe. Healing energy works for the highest good  and goes where it is needed the most. It is the Clients free will to decide what is best for them.  Please reach out if  you have additional questions. Thanks and be  Well!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Reiki?
    a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
  • What Are Angels ? What is an Earth Angel ?
    An Angel is a spiritual being of light who acts as an attendant,agent,or messenger of God, modernly represented in human form with wings. An Earth Angel is a Human being who agrees to be a vessel for Angelic Energy to flow through to assist others on Earth. An Angel in Human form
  • What Can Reiki be used for ?
    Reiki is complementary to traditional treatments and can be used for physical ( autoimmune,heart disease, back problems,etc) emotional ( anxiety,stress, creativity, etc) spiritual( release negative energies and spirits,protection, etc) There are not limits if you can think of it Reiki can assist