I will spirtually listen to your issues and assist with healing

spirtually listen to your issues and assist with healing
spirtually listen to your issues and assist with healing
spirtually listen to your issues and assist with healing

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Description Healing Light Sacred Transformation Support Circle
  15 min Pre - Talk prayer- 30 minutes of Healing Talk-1 day Angel/Reiki Healing towards 1 issue 15 minute Pre- talk prayer-up to1hr Healing Talk-3daysReiki /Angel healing towards 1 issue- prayer-up to 2hrs talk -7 days Reiki/Angel Healing for 1 issue - 2 xtras listed under about this gig
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About This Gig

Prayer,  Conversation, and Healing package ( Special Introductory Prices)

It has  been said that the greatest gift we can give  to someone is our attention, especially if it is in a loving , caring , and non- judgemental  state of mind.
       From childhood people would just walk up to me and start telling me their issues and problems  and would leave feeling  better. This is where I realized just allowing someone to be in your presence, love and light can do wonders for healing or assisting them with making  decisions that  may be difficult.
Research has proven that good social support-

  • Can lengthen life span
  • Keep you healthy
  • May make you optimistic
  • May  help to lower stress

Healing Talk * allows you to express yourself. This includes a pre -conversation prayer, to connect to Heaven(5.00 basic gig price) for assistance with your issue or concern with the result being  a resolution for the Highest Good for all involved.
  • I will share any intuitive  messages received or if you just  want to talk it out that is fine also.

*** for the Premium Package pick 2 from the following  Aura/energy cleanse or Chakra cleanse and balance or Chakra Strengthening or Remove negativity cords

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Healing Talk?
    Healing talk is a method I use to assist people spiritually. I pray /connect to Heaven to assist for the highest good of resolving an issue with divine energy before speaking with a client. While speaking the session will be infused with a divine energy(peace, love, calm,etc)
  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki has been described as a Japanese relaxation and healing modality . Rei= " God's wisdom", "Higher Power" "Spiritual" Ki= " God's Energy', "Vital Energy' , "Holy Spirit"
  • Where did Reiki come from ?
    Reiki dates back to the 19th century and is based on the teachings of Mikao Usui, who is said to have been a Christian professor or Buddhist Monk who reportedly fasted and meditated and was presented with Reiki from God. He later taught others this healing
  • Is Reiki Safe ?
    Yes, Reiki can do no harm and is even being used in some hospital settings. Reiki always works for the Highest Good
  • How does Reiki work?
    Reiki is an energy so it flows. Think of a river or radio waves. I like to think of it as a type of prayer
  • How is the Reiki treatment given?
    Treatments can be given in person , with the practitioner touching or hovering over the client . Distance treatments can be given as well and will be the method I will be using to assist others on this site
  • What will I feel?
    Most report feeling very relaxed, a warm or tingly sensation or feeling very positive or very good. Each experience is unique.
  • Is Reiki a religion?
    Reiki is spiritual but is not a religion and doesn't discriminate . Any one can be attuned to be a practitioner or receive treatment without changing their beliefs
  • What can be treated with Reiki?
    Reiki can treat discomforts and illnesses like headaches, anxiety, heart disease,etc. It can also be used for spiritual issues like negativity removal, removing spiritual blocks, strengthening the spiritual body , etc. Reiki is complementary to other medical and psychological treatments
  • Will I be Completely Healed ?
    That depends. Reiki is complementary however I believe that the Divine can totally heal , reverse, and replace as needed. So I aim for the highest good but cannot guarantee an outcome ( neither do Doctors ) . In some cases healing will be to prepare some transitioning from this life to the next