I will talk to you on the phone whenever you want for a whole month

talk to you on the phone whenever you want for a whole month

About This Gig

If you are interested in this gig, it is most likely that you and I have already established a good connection and you now completely feel at ease coming to me for advice and counseling. By this time, I may already know a whole lot about your number combinations and you may also know quite a lot about how your numbers work. Just give me your time availability and I will manage to make time for you. For this type of counseling, I will be actively listening to your problems with my knowledge of your numbers. I will decode every single thing you tell me into numbers and I will explain to you why you feel the way you do and why certain things are happening the way they are. At this point, you will already have more control of your life than when we first met as you will have already learned a whole lot more about yourself. I am looking forward to get in touch with you and take it from where we left off last time we talked.

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3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Vocal Counseling

I will actively listen to your concerns with my knowledge of numbers