I will help you with excel spreadsheets

help you with excel spreadsheets
help you with excel spreadsheets

About This Gig

Excel can be a very powerful, yet daunting tool.  There are many aspects to working in excel.  I have over 10 years experience working with and designing tools in MS Excel.  This experience includes data entry, unique formula generation, formatting, pivot tables, and VBA programming.

Due to the nature of excel, the scope of this gig can range from something relatively simple to vastly complex.  If you have something relatively simple or are a repeating customer, feel free to order without messaging me first. 

If you want a large project done, such as tool development or macro programming, please message me first.  This is done in order to save time and money for you.  It will give you a realistic expectation of when to expect it and how much it will cost.  I am fairly flexible and do not charge outrageous amounts for complex work.  

Generally, all work is done in MS Excel 2007-2013.  While this is not generally a problem, some features may not be available in earlier generations of the program.  Thank you for reading through this, I look forward to hearing from you.

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