I will review your 2 Day Food Diary

review your 2 Day Food Diary

About This Gig

My education and years of experience in the Nutrition industry have made me passionate about helping people make healthier choices.

For this gig you will need to record exactly what you eat for 2 days a "Food Diary" (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks).  You will send me this document and I will review it.  Upon analysis and review, I will send you 5 comments.  These will be either positive (what you are doing right with your eating choices) or suggestions for improvement (what you can be doing better, or what you should introduce into your diet)

I will need your age and gender

I will not be making any health claims or guarantees with my review of your food diary.  If you have any medical conditions, always speak to your trusted medical professional before making any dietary changes. 

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