I will send 30 minutes of Relationship Distance Reiki

send 30 minutes of Relationship Distance Reiki

About This Gig

Reiki is a type of energy healing that can be sent at a distance to anyone or anything that concerns us.  Reiki can help us find balance and a sense of peace.

One thing that has great power to put us out of balance is our relationships.  When we have relationship difficulties, it can be very draining to our energy.

Order includes:
* a 30 minute Distance Reiki healing session focused on you and the relationship that is of concern to you.  
* a message stating when I am about to begin your session
* a message indicating that the session has been completed

Reiki is not a cure all, rather, it is a great complement to traditional healing methods.  If you have any medical conditions, consult your trusted healthcare provider.

I look forward to helping you experience the benefits of Reiki!