I will craft a single sentence value proposition

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craft a single sentence value proposition

About This Gig

Marketing your business, product, or service requires a clearly and concisely articulated value statement. Such a statement serves as a litmus test between you and your target audience -- both parties will use it to determine if the other is a good fit for their need.

I will write a single sentence value proposition / brand message for your business, product or service to serve as a fundamental root of your marketing communications.

This gig will provide up to 3 variations.

Want more than 3 variations?   3 Additional variations of your 'one sentence value prop.' are available via the gig extras

Need 5 bullet point features and benefits statements to support your company, product or service value proposition sentence? Check out the gig extras.

I may cancel your gig if your site promotes porn or drug-related content/paraphernalia.