I will teach Your Kids How To Stop Bullying for $5

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teach Your Kids How To Stop Bullying
teach Your Kids How To Stop Bullying

About This Gig

Are your kids constantly telling you they were being yelled at and teased by their friends?

Do you notice little bruises on their bodies? Or they are trying to avoid school?

These are some of the common symptoms that hint that your kids are victims of bullies in school.

Bullying can be of many forms:

Physical hitting, shoving or taking of money/belongings

Emotional threats, insults or being ignored and ostracized.

Kids are often being teased about their appearance, the way they talk, what they wear, their size, their race & religion.

These will affect their ability to socialize, make new friends and this may even result in stress and depression.

It Is Never Too Late To Stop The Bully!

Thousands of kids in the same situation have been suffering and continued struggling during childhood with frustrations and unfulfilment. As parents, I don't think you want to witness that.

However, there are also thousands who have chosen to make a difference in their lives, and your child can be part of this group!