I will write an article about green tea

write an article about green tea
write an article about green tea

About This Gig

Hi there! 

I am available to write articles for your niche blog, affiliate marketing site, health information ebook, or ecommerce store about the health benefits, chemistry, history, and varieties of green tea and matcha. The traditions of green tea go back for centuries, but interest in this health beverage has not waned. Tap into the market for natural, organic foods and botanical medicines by providing useful information for internet searches on popular search engines. Drive traffic to your page with articles I write for you about green tea, tea leaves, tea bowls, matcha supplies, best tea sources, etc.

About Me:
I am an experienced published writer with an academic background in Medicinal Botany and Integrative Health.

For $5 you receive 150 words of copy about green tea with the emphasis of your choice. Choose evidence based research, health and cosmetic benefits, recipes, how-tos, history of tea, green tea for weight loss, increase metabolism with tea, etc.! I can write a blog post, ebook, product description, product review, or article. Choose the keyword extra to include keywords of your choice. Choose additional extras for lengths longer than 150 words and express delivery.