I will make a beautifull audio visual spectrum for you

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make a beautifull audio visual spectrum for you
make a beautifull audio visual spectrum for you
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About This Gig

hers what  you will be getting in this gig:

-6 minutes of video

-720p 25fps or 1080p.....(1080p 24fps + additional 1 day to delivery)

-a beautifull audio visualization;)

(i have been making audio visualizations for over two years now so i do stack up on 
bothe experiance and profissionalizem i also do lots of intro type stuff)

you will be required to provide:

-track/song in (mp3. wav. avi)

- your logo

-a background image (.jpg .img .jpeg) 



(*SPECIAL NOW: i have decided to try out new styles of visualization combiened with real life videos expect : to see example of video in the up coming weeks just send me a message if you are interested in seeing whats it about and once the video sample is out youll be the first to know)

Order Details


-1080p 24 fps -custom colors -custom background -with song title and artist name

  • Titles
  • 360 Seconds Running Time
  • Full HD (1080p)
3 days delivery 2 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • how can i get more play time on my video order ?
    contact me explaining what you need and the odds are i might give you more play time for free (depending on your situation )
  • do you have different variation of visualization or only the one thats up right now ?
    this is only the beginning my friends add this gig to your favorites because where about to step up our game :D