I will priority Psychic Reading For Time Sensitive Questions

priority Psychic Reading For Time Sensitive Questions

About This Gig

This listing is for a one question reading with gig extras orchestrated for very time sensitive issues. This option is for those who have questions or decisions to make that are time sensitive or those who simply are eager to receive insight in a hurry. 

Standard delivery time is 1 day. Within my gig extras you can opt to have your reading delivered in LESS THAN ONE HOUR for this particular reading. This applies to all orders placed between 12 noon and midnight EST. I put extra priority on this reading when you order the gig extra and will respond in under an hour. If you do not order the gig extra, this reading will take one day.

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Order Details

1 day delivery

1 Day Delivery

For the "Less Than An Hour" Instant Reading pleas select the Gig Extra.