I will describe your spirit guides and relay messages

describe your spirit guides and relay messages

About This Gig

As a clairvoyant and clairaudient, I am able to convey messages from the spirit guides that I sense around you. In this reading, I will give you a description of the guides that I see around you and convey any messages that your guide would like to get across. 

Guides can be loved ones who have passed on, ancestral spirits, or spirits that walk with you for any number of reasons. I cannot predict which type of guides will come through in your reading, but it's usually one or several types of these guides that come through. Messages range from personal messages of guidance in your own life or messages related to those around you. 

Your reading will be a stream-of-consciousness type format, because this is how I receive information. It will be approximately 1200 characters or longer, depending on the amount of information that comes through. 

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4 days delivery

Spirit Guide Messages

I will give my impression and insights from your guides.

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