I will psychic reading on anyone based on their photo

psychic reading on anyone based on their photo

About This Gig

For this reading I will read anyone based on a photograph and give you my impressions. The photo can be of you or someone else. For ethical reasons, I ask that if it is not a photograph of yourself that you have the persons permission to read their photograph.

Impressions can include:

►Personality and emotional life
►Current problems (health, relationship, etc.)
►Spirit guides that may be around the person
►How best to interact with this person
►Impressions on past, present, and future

This is for a reading of appx. 700 characters in length. This translates to a small paragraph, or roughly 7-10 sentences. For longer and more in-depth readings, please see my gig extras. 

Standard delivery for this reading (without gig extras) is 3 days. Please note that the introductory offer for free one hour delivery has ended, but you can still get your reading delivered in an hour or less by adding it as a gig extra below. The one hour delivery option is available for all orders placed between noon and midnight EST. You can also receive your reading within one day by choosing that option in my gig extras. 

Thank you for considering me for guidance,