I will split, merge, extract, mix and rotate PDF files

split, merge, extract, mix and rotate PDF files

About This Gig

Greetings :-)

I will customize your PDF documents by splitting, merging, extracting, or mixing pages.

1. Split files in single pages, select splitting intervals, remove certain pages or split by groups of pages, split documents in files of given, roughly size (e.g. 500kb/file, 1MB/file).

2. Merge together multiple documents or subsections of them.

3. Extract any pages from your documents.

4. Alternate mix by merging two or more PDF documents taking pages alternately in:
  • natural order.
  • reverse order.
  • custom order.

5. Rotate pages (specific pages/ all pages) of multiple PDF documents.

Generated PDF versions can be:
  • same as the input document
  • version 1.5
  • version 1.6
  • version 1.7

Will do my best for prompt response to your needs.
Will come soon with new features included.
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Order Details

2 days delivery

Basic package up to 50 pages

split (page, kb, MB/pdf), merge, extract, mix and rotate PDF files, up to 50 pages.

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