I will teach you how to speak hebrew

teach you how to speak hebrew

About This Gig

Planning a trip to Israel ?

Want to know enough to make life easier here ?

Well look no further!

With my 13 years of tutoring experience, I can help you start out with hebrew and progress you along your path to language excellence!

My own unique system can help you, in just 15 minutes per lesson, to open your mind to such a beautiful language.

Together you can make your progression from novice to expert in the hebrew language without the same hassles normally associated with trying to learn a language.

You will be amazed how much hebrew you can learn in such a short amount of time and the kind of principles that will keep you practicing all day long.
We will use games and songs to help you learn FASTER !

When we are done you would be able to carry a conversation in hebrew and even joke around. ;)
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any enquiries.