I will prepare and analyse your financial ratios

prepare and  analyse your financial ratios

About This Gig

  • I can analyse or prepare a simple financial statement and give two rations for a one gig order. Please see my gig extras for more complex financial statements, ratios and analyses.
  • Analyse financial and accounting data
  • 25 years professional in Business Finance and Management
  • Planner and strategist
  • Possess double masters in finance and information technology
  • produce professional and winning business plans
  • Create and advise on Chart of Accounts
  • Budget planning and execution
  • Professional Debt Manager
  • Analyse non-financial data
  • Professionally Manage assets and liabilities
  • Analyse and manage payroll
  • Analyse  income statements
  • Analyse and project trends
  • Trend analysis
  • Analyse and control inventory
  • Analyse and update job descriptions