I will voice over in Jamaican male or female

voice over in Jamaican male or female

About This Gig

I will happily voice any script of up to 250 words or about 90 seconds in Jamaican language/ dialect,  in male or female voice for  a Fiver.

If your script is longer than 250 words, please purchase additional gigs as necessary by clicking "Order More Than One" under the "Order Now" button.

I provide voice overs for Projects, Tutorials, Whiteboard/scribe presentations, voice mail, audio books, commercials, narrations and advertising.

I provide professional quality mp3 or wave files.

I don't do  adult content, occult or hate propaganda.

I am open to discussing longer scripts. and I am available for long term projects

As a Jamaican, I have all Jamaican resources available to me.

I am available to discuss your Jamaican voice over project.

Thank you.