I will automate your social account

automate your social account
automate your social account

About This Gig

This Gig is an aggregator of services. that is useful for your social account your e-mail and web services in vogue at the moment are automated. 'If to this than that' a simple and effective phrase that sums up the potential of this elusive service. You want your twitter user posts automatically updates your facebook on twitter? O that will be posted on your LinkedIn profile updates of a given website (I have the RSS feed on) or even the news of NASA or NewYorkTimes (all fully customizable)? Like to use instagram like and post photos automatically on your user page or twitter facebook facebook linkedin? Use Blogger Or WordPress and want automate on other networks? They are all potential executable with this Gig!
All this is achieved with the chef's recipes OfficialTrento !! 
Give me a chance you will not be dissatisfied! 


  • 1 of 1 gig = 1 automatism social 
  • 2 gig = 2 automations on 1 social (or two different accounts) 
  • 3 = 4 gig of automatism 1 social (or the same on other accounts) ONE YOU THE GIFT
  • to any new Gig ONE IN GIFT

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