I will help you with your short stories

help you with your short stories

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Many times, you, as an amateur writer, can miss some plot holes and inconsistencies. That is not a sign that you are a bad writer, but instead that you are so much concentrated to one aspect of story and start forget the others. You might want to describe places and forget your characters or you want to show the action and forget the setting. It is usual for new writers and with time you correct it. 

To speed up a process of correcting such mistakes you can use someone with different perspective. It don't need to perspective change, but someone who is reading your story for the first time. Maybe you think of something but forgot to put it in the story! That happens too.

So, that's where I come! I love reading short stories ( Dreamsongs by R.R. Martin are my favourites ) and will probably enjoy reading yours and try to improve it in the process, while also helping you improve as a writer.

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I will point out plot holes, possible character changes, synonyms...

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