I will humbly accept your tip for $5

2 Days On Average
humbly accept your tip
humbly accept your tip

About This Gig

Firstly, thank you for improving the state of my economy!

I greatly appreciate those of you who feel inclined to tip in appreciation toward my work.

As a single mother, every little bit helps, and I promise to continually strive and deliver the best work possible :) I currently go to school, take care of my son alone, work at a hotel, and am trying to open an etsy shop. It is difficult putting myself through college as well as paying for my son's school, and every other expense a family of two carries. so .... 


Note: Please be aware that this gig is only for tips/donations. If you would like to order my work, check out my other gigs by clicking my photo over uh,there :)->
The only thing obtained with this is my undying gratitude and the warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone in need :)