I will coach you to Greatness

coach you to Greatness

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Description First 1hr coaching via skype. 3 Coaching sessions 7 Coaching Session
  It's about helping you to achieve what you always wanted to achieve. Video chat or otherwise Great 3 coaching session Free email consultation Video chat via skype or otherwise. 7 Coaching sessions Free email inquiries during the coaching period and up to 1 month after
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About This Gig

I am Life Coach and Leadership Consultant. I can help you to gain clarity to your thoughts. I will assist in your personal or organisational visioning, strategy and goals.
It doesn't matter your background or the stage you are in life.
It could be assisting you to overcome certain challenges or you just need to make some changes. 
I am not necessarily an expert in your field, but I am trained and skilled to help you be on top of what you  do and achieve your desired results.
The first session will give me the opportunity to know you and for us to build the necessary chemistry for a productive coaching relationship.

You know what, my dream is to make yours work. 

I have one request: Please can you kindly give me the opportunity to help you create the success you desire?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the coaching service meant for?
    Everyone needs a coach
  • Do I need to get a coach who is an expert in my field?
    Not necessary. You can have a mentor who is an expert in your field but a coach by training and skill don't need expertise in your field to help you effectively
  • Can you coach me from the comfort of my home?
    Yes, we can arrange to coach you from any part of the world
  • How confidential are your services?
    The services are absolutely confidential as that is part of ethical codes of coaching practice
  • How do I measure the result of your service?
    Your life results will show it
  • Is coaching the same as counselling?
    No, Coaching is about someone helping to clarify your goals and remained motivated and on track to achieve them. Counselling is more therapitic
  • How do I know you the right coach for me?
    Give it a try on our basic package and we both will explore the suitability. However, we coach clients from different backgrounds and circumstances.