I will draw ANYTHING for you

Once again amazing job from okashy. Just ask it and he make it! Thanks! +++++
Reviewed by ukkometso 5 months ago
My gig was probably a little underwhelming for okashy; but he managed to create for me my 'Mona Lisa' as I knew he was capable of doing by looking at his completed work. Thank you for taking the time and my important project [to me] to heart!
Reviewed by saravanis 5 months ago
2nd time with seller. Was well done. Will approach again if I require his services.
Reviewed by ghmervyn 8 months ago
Very good. Will definitely use it again.
Reviewed by ghmervyn 8 months ago
Reviewed by sidney5150 10 months ago
excellent work! thanks
Reviewed by youneedvision about 1 year ago
Very nice and detailed Work !!! I love the tattoos =)
Reviewed by michaelpoppre about 1 year ago
really good job exactly what i wanted
Reviewed by hackaveli17 about 1 year ago
None can compare to his skills, surely it would do not harm if he'd communicated a bit more.
Reviewed by gister about 1 year ago
Amazing job looking forward to using him for future services! Highly recommend
Reviewed by hackaveli17 about 1 year ago
Good work, thanks.
Reviewed by shapemaster over 1 year ago
Reviewed by kcrosby1977 over 1 year ago
I had an illustration that was done by another company but it wasn't finished. I searched and scoured the internet to find the right designer to finish the illustration. Many wouldn't take the project because of the detail. However, Okashy delivered and will be getting future work. Thanks!
Reviewed by oxtail over 1 year ago
nice work
Reviewed by nocky69 over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by happypaddy over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by happypaddy over 1 year ago
I got exactly what I wanted for my project. So happy with the results ... this guy is amazing!
Reviewed by coreylynch756 over 1 year ago
Looks Good thanks Okashy. I know my order involved a lot but came out great.
Reviewed by bayaba almost 2 years ago
Great Work!! Love the style!!
Reviewed by kcrosby1977 almost 2 years ago
Drew what I asked for! Awesome!
Reviewed by cp7203 almost 2 years ago
draw ANYTHING for you
draw ANYTHING for you
draw ANYTHING for you

About This Gig

I will design and draw your ideas in my style. As a proffessional artist I can create  anything on paper:

  •     people ( $5 per person)
  •     caricatures
  •     animals
  •      landscapes
  •      simple scenes
  •     any objects

My strongest point is comic, cartoon, manga and anime style.
So if you need to visualize any of your ideas... you've come to the right place! : )

I draw in high resolution - 2500 x 1800 pix 300 dpi
in a 3 formats: JPG, PNG and TIF

All I need is:

  •         clear instruction / descriptin of what you want me to draw.
  •         if you want me to draw a portrait, please send me a photo.

Please check out GIG EXTRAS offers below : )

The system is very simple and clear, but let's explain something anyway, just in case:
If you want me to draw a group people (every character detailed in high quality) then please order amount of gigs  adequate to amount of persons. Extra color option included - should be adequate multipled.
If you are confuzed or not sure about something, you can always ask me ANYTHING before placing the order :)

and one thing...

I am NOT logo desinger : )

Order Details

6 days delivery

the most BASIC

one object / one half body person no color

  • 1 Figure