I will draw for you in my manga anime style

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Very professional!
Reviewed by boomer4u 3 months ago
Okashy is a very talented artist. His samples are a true representation of his abilities. He is very accommodating in creating what you request. I will use him again.
Reviewed by nrthcstr 7 months ago
Thank you so much. See you next job.
Reviewed by miduvoice 7 months ago
I love it! Awesome job :D
Reviewed by splatou 8 months ago
Excellent work! Looks amazing. Thanks :-)
Reviewed by shzpaven 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bgabizon 10 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by bgabizon 10 months ago
Perfect! Would order again in future! Wonderful drawing skills!
Reviewed by nephtis 11 months ago
Great artist! I am really satisfied with the picture.
Reviewed by martydesmond 11 months ago
Very pleased with the end product. Thank you Okashy!!
Reviewed by jasijean about 1 year ago
Great experience! Smooth!
Reviewed by rhythmd about 1 year ago
Very talented artist!
Reviewed by abbsandpeter about 1 year ago
He is really good with his craft. He responds quickly when it comes to revisions. He was moving during my order, but he kept me updated (he says it on his profile before I placed the order on it so I understood 100%) I'm very happy with the work he has done. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Reviewed by joejoe0319 about 1 year ago
Thank you, Okashy! My son is going to be so excited when he sees himself as an anime character. Great job and thank you for being so accommodating!
Reviewed by mdralr about 1 year ago
Okashy does everything his service describes and more. He is an extremely talented artist and businessman. I would recommend this service to any number of my friends.
Reviewed by technosinister about 1 year ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by timossv over 1 year ago
There is a real feeling of the person behind the image.
Reviewed by chris2fr over 1 year ago
I'm very pleased with my picture Okashy has drawn. The product has exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely recommend him and his work to my friends and family. It took a while to get it done, but that's only because he's popular and a hard worker (which isn't a bad thing). Thanks again!
Reviewed by ioconnor729 over 1 year ago
The order process was a little confusing to me, but I did get a response from the seller and good communication from that point on. I requested a change after I saw the first drawing and he made the change quickly and cheerfully. My daughter & her husband will be thrilled with their picture!
Reviewed by cillayp over 1 year ago
This is my second order and I will definitely order again! Amazing communication and service. Thank you.
Reviewed by nicole190423 over 1 year ago
draw for you in my manga anime style
draw for you in my manga anime style
draw for you in my manga anime style

About This Gig

I will hand draw a portrait illustration in my manga / anime style.
All I need is a photo.
When I get it, I'll start hand-drawing your manga / anime character. Next I'll scan it. When everything is ready I'll send you the finished picture in VERY HIGH resolution
2500 x 1800 pix, 300 dpi in JPG format.
Perfect to print as a poster!

If you don't want to receive only a line-art drawing, half body (worth basic $5), then please
check out GIG EXTRAS offer below.

  • One person per gig. If you want a group, then order adequately to amount of people. Extras (color, full body and premium) included - should be adequately multipled.

  • If it's possible, please send me a photo in good quality. That really helps!

  • If you want a character with hair end eyes visible, then please - don't send me photos with hat and sunglasses. I'm not a fortune teller :) 

  • Please understand that I draw in ANIME inspired style. If you wish for super perfect resemblance, maybe you shoud look for an artist with REALISTIC artstyle?

Please read the FAQ below.

Order Details

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I'll order extra COLORED version, then can I have colorless as well?
    Yes. To every colored drawing I will add a clean line art for FREE.
  • When I'll order extra TEXT version, then can I have textless as well?
    Yes. To every drawing with text I will add a textless version for FREE.
  • Can you include my TATTOOS in your artwork?
    Depends. If they are simple and not big - YES. I can draw. If they are big and compllex - I can only copy/paste them and adjust, but I won't draw them from zero. You'll have to send me good quality, clear photos.
  • Can you make a COMIC story?
    No. I'm not comic maker. Only one-shot illustrations. Comic-book is (contrary to appearances) a different cup of tea and I don't do this. If I'd be good enough comic creator, then I'd offer this in my gigs. But I'm not, so there's no this kind of service among my gigs.
  • Can you draw my character with specific BACKROUND - specific SCENERY?
    I'd rather focus on the CHARACTERS. But you can ask me / describe your idea in a private message. Then I'll consider. Anyway you have to know I'm better at characters than complicated, multifarious backrounds, technical stuff and animals. I always add simple-gradient backround to every colored pic.
  • Can you create in VECTOR techniques and deliver AI. file?
    No. I'm not a vector creator. I can't, I don't like it and I don't have any program for vectors. Only bitmaps. Only PSD.