About This Gig

ON HIATUS. Will Return after an extended break. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK AT THIS TIME ★★★★★ Super Seller & Top Rated Seller & Featured Seller ★★★★★ will make video improvising your 40 word script as a *Hippie* 720pHD 1st block of 40 words teaser priced at $5. :::::::::: Please book additional units for these basics: +$10 every block of 40 wds beyond first 40 wds +$5 40 wd scriptwriting +$10 80 wd scriptwriting +$10 titling +$10 musical bed or sound fx +$5 image +$20 1080pHD +$10 black text Protest Sign +$20 color text/logo Protest Sign +$5 Personalized singing cut +$30 Text/logo combo panned effect, shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fmFU5aPvek ::::::::::For more samples: http://www.youtube.com/OldBittyGrandma ::::::::::RUSH $20 Bump order to the top of my queue :::::::::: $20 email the video to the intended recipient for you :::::::::: peace man