About This Gig

ON HIATUS. Will Return after an extended break. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK AT THIS TIME ...I will send you a video with a *fresh* voiceover of your 40 word script for $5 **720pHD** Music is free. ADDITIONAL UNITS ✔1st block of 40 words teaser price of $5. +$10 every block of 40 words beyond the first 40 words. ✔+$5 40 word script written. ✔+$10 80 word script written. ✔+$5 for titling. ✔+$10 Flash end title. ✔+$10 image or logo. ✰✰✰ +$100 live performance ✰✰✰ For more extras including your logo inside the crystal ball please see the gig extras below. Thank you ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✰✰RUSH✰✰ EXTRA FAST gig extra is for basic performance only. Not to be used in conjunction with other gig extras or special requests.-------------------------★★RUSH★★ $20 Bump order to top of queue